Jul 16, 2008

How To Have Beautiful Green Beach House Decor

On a hot summer afternoon while lounging and reading by the sea in Newport, Rhode Island with my two sisters I discovered an article in Tradition Home Magazine about clean living with natural textiles (April 2008, page106). Rhode Island sisters Dawn Oliveira and Debra Olson of Oliveira Textiles had a mutual passion for textile. They made a commitment to create a healthier world for their children and create a company to produce a high quality organic line of fabrics as a healthful alternative to what was already on the market.

The Ocean Collection debuted as their first line of fabrics, which is inspired by the New England seacoast and is dedicated to their father, who spent his life on the ocean as a professional fisherman.

Funny how 3 sisters from three corners of the US, find a unique connection with Rhode Island sisters Dawn Oliveira and Deborah Olson of Oliveira Textiles. Beautiful and healthful fabrics in our home is a topic we are all passionate about. And it's about Green as Hemp was first used as the fabric for the American flag and the paper that our Constitution is written on. Oliveira's sophisticated Anemone design is printed with water-based, non-toxic dyes on a mix of fast-growing hemp and organic cotton, both of which are grown without planet- and people-poisoning pesticides.

Inspiring and colorful Beach House Decor is definitely achievable and magical with these beautiful fabrics. Happily these 3 sisters are right down the road from the 2 sisters and are creative minds are eagerly green to meet these inspiring sisters. Check out their BLOG it is a wonderful read.


paint color guy said...

I love the shades of blue.. :)

Dawn said...

Hello Beach House,
This is Dawn Oliveira from Oliveira Textiles. It's november 12, 2008 and I have just found a wonderful post from July where you say some very nice things about our company and I want to thank you, albeit a bit late.
We would really enjoy meeting the 3sisters behind Beach House Newport.
As a matter of fact, I was in your shop early this past year and actually left a press kit for The Green Room. I hope we have the chance to chat soon.
Give us a ring anytime. We have a new fall/winter collection of prints/colorways...
Kindest regards, Very best to you!

J - Pacha Mama said...

Ooh! Thanks for the info. I'm always looking for green materials for our home renovation.

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