May 4, 2012

Beach House Decor Is Blooming

The month of May, beach house decor is blooming.  We're taking in the abundance of natures bright colored flowers,  working in in our gardens, and the water comes calling to come play again.  In design May, is a month of fine design and decorating decision.  It's the month to updates beach house decor, and transition your home to brighter colors and decor.     

It's the time to uplift your beach house decor with fresh new design.  This can be as simple as bringing in your home's landscaping color pallet into your living room and entertaining areas.  At Noir Blanc Interiors we design your home to be functional and beautiful at the same time.  Some simple design tips are adding color with fresh flower arrangements, add yellow with lemons in your dinning or kitchen area.  Purchasing new white towels, in all your guests rooms and bathrooms, We love to monogram the hand towels in bright pinks, yellows, greens, and nautical blues adding a classic beach house statement.  With house guests of all age's wearing sun tan lotions and chemicals, our white towel suggestion is a dirty little secret, bleach belongs at the beach.  And like nature, May is the time to shed of the old and bring in the new fresh area rugs.  Choose a rug brand that has durability and wash ability.  

May is the time to think through the color's and the ambiance you want your home to reflect this summer.  Reinvent your bedroom, with a few accented tangerine tango pillows.  Change out the bed duvets, to lighter colors and light weight linens for the warmer months ahead.  Add pops of color to all your rooms, color blocking is big in home decor for 2012!

As the families  grow...add more seating to your beach home decor it's an investment in growing!  Adding new chairs and extra seating that are colored, is a great way to add pop to any room!  We're on high decorating alert for kitchens, porches, and living area's with generational coastal home growth.  Maine Cottage  is colorful furniture that lifts the spirit and holds its value over time we select for our coastal living clients. What's knot to love about the selection of colors and styles that work so well in our beach house decor.  Entertaining by the beach, is always weather permitting, so design for indoor camaraderie.

Maine Cottage and Russell and Mackenna are now one. 
5 – Camille Chair in Leaflette / Ale and Wheatgrass
6 – Cecilia Tall End Table in Creamsicle.


Steve PP said...

I love the Camille chair, and it's stunning colours, that makes me so happy to look at it.
Thanks for sharing it! Have a sunny day!

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