Jan 19, 2010

DIY Beach House Dining Room Decor

When decorating a Beach house many inspirations come from nature, the sea, and the ocean. Sea Shells have always been a inspiration for me to walk the beach. A purple sand dollar I found on Venice beach sits in front of me as an accessory and inspiration on my writing desk. Sea Shells make wonderful accessories and best of all they can be collected from your beach trips anywhere in the world. With Sea Shells as a decorating motivation, I came upon this lovely dining room to stimulate beach house owners or renters.

Cottage Beach Decor is always a charming beach house look. I grew up with a Madman Father and very creative Mother. We lived in many houses where my mother transformed ordinary wicker into beautiful furniture pieces in our homes. Later in my business life, I became a total groupie of Palecek Wicker, which I sold in my shops. I have placed Palacek in many design clients homes. Today I recommend them as a top quality wicker furniture company, to you my readers of Beach House Decor. Wicker was and still is an affordable furniture resource for families. Many quality pieces from the 1950's and 60's are making the reappearance in the decorating of homes today. For a beach house, wicker can sustain humidity and moisture which is important when decorating in most tropical climates. Today vintage wicker can be found at many antique shops, flea markets, and thrift stores. Painting wicker is easy and fun, if done outside with several cans of spray paint. Spraying the first coat, and then letting the furniture dry at least 12 hours before applying the second coat. Another affordable Beach house decor item is a sizzle rug, which is always inexpensive and can be found at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Pier One, Create and Barrel, Target and Walmart. When one lives at the beach, sand is always everywhere! Hardwood floors, stone, and tile are always the best for beach homes and a sizzle rug. I will be the first to admit sizzle can feels not so great on bare feet, however flip flops and sizzle rugs are a beach house stable. Especially if you are renting your beach house, both wicker furniture pieces and sizzle rugs can lend themselves to be durable and affordable.

This turquoise inspired dining room is an inspiration in beach house cottage decor elegance.
Here is your DIY Inspiration:

4 wicker chairs new or old-painted white
1 flea market table -painted Blue
10 or more Sea Shells
1 Corner Book Shelf
2 Antique or Flea Market China Pieces
2 Catherine Chairs from Calico Corners
6-8 yards of Fabric
1 Cottage Style Mirror
1 Sofa Table -preferably vintage that you paint white
1 affordable, crystal, ornate and pastel colorful Chandelier
6 Fleur de Lis Tall French Drinking Glasses
1 can of Benjamin Moore™ 2060-60 Turquoise Haze
1 can of Benjamin Moore™ 912 Linen White
1 sizzle rug

Photo Credit: I'm not sure?


Anastasia said...

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