Mar 29, 2010

A Great Room Evolves Over Time

Beach House Decor often is inspired by attending a great pool side cocktail party. The invite stated guest were to wear colorful attire. What was I to wear? I had come across great deck chairs by Vancouver’s Gallant & Jones the week before and what I loved about the chairs was the Trina Turk Fabric. On my way to Westweek at the PDC, I stopped to take a look at Schumacher's indoor/outdoor signature patterns called The Trina Turk Collection. Rich in color and adapted from Turk’s stunning apparel and obviously inspired by her lifestyle in Southern California.

It was there at this moment that I had the Epiphany to take a drive to Trina Turks LA Boutique. As I arrived, I was drawn to a Sea of Floral embroidered linen pillow, that seemed Hawaiian-inspired, the pattern a colorful collage like Kaleidoscope. I was lost in a sea of colored embroidered pillows, hook rugs, needlepoint coasters and guest towels. I learned that Trina Turk has been in the contemporary market for 15 years (her silk dresses retail for about $300), which she oversees with her stylist-photographer husband, Jonathan Skow. Her brand has grown into a $45 million enterprise , she designs 10 collections a year, about 45 to 50 pieces each time, and all her prints are original.

Always the Stylish Designer, I left with a fabulous dress for the upcoming cocktail soiree and the perfect pillows for my own beach house. Funny how I can pick things out easily for a client but for my own home I sometimes searching forever. But Trina Turks pillows had that ohhh, ahhh, zingo factor. Oh and one fabulous turquoise necklace just because it reminded me of the sea. Yes she is quite the gal Trina Turk and a colorful design inspiration muse to all. Cocktails anyone?

Photo Credits: Trina Turk


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