Apr 1, 2010

Add Color to Your Traditional Spring Table At The Beach House

At last April has arrived! Blessed with Family traditions, tulips, daffodills and garden clean up.  Just the fact that we are adding color back into our lives is enough to make me want to burst into song!  This weekend our Beach House  has Family arriving and guests. Anyone who owns a Beach House knows this is always the house guest time of year. Being a Designer, I typically plan my menu first and designing my table is a fun passion. April brings the change of weather and the traditions of Spring. I love color, as I think everyone is tired of hearing from me by now. When the new Traditional Home (May Issue) arrived last weekend, I was so ecstatic over how much color the issue featured. I even tweeted it @NoirBlancDesign and Traditional Homes in NYC even caught my enthusiasm and delight thanks to twitter. An issue filled with color brought a burst of happiness to any read or set eye on it. It made you want to break out into song, it inspires you, and visions appear of fantasy colored rooms. To see a brownstone in Boston with pink walls, well I just savored it. Unfortunately for me, no man I have ever lived with has agreed to pink walls.

This table from Traditional Home is my Muse for my Easter table. It is colorful, with the bamboo patterned silverware, simple white linen, and it has a bit of a tropical flair. The rose colored goblets, I own among my family treasures handed down from my Mothers, Mother.  There is something about tradition this time of year, so using anything old feels fundamentally correct.  The Guest include three adult men with Girl Friends, along with the rest of the family. I plan for my table to be a beach house decor, serenade.

What are you planning for your Easter table, at your beach house? I would love for you to share.

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