Apr 27, 2010

Designers and Taste Makers Dine At The Breakers in Newport

Newport, Rhode Island has an extraordinary array of architecture and grand interiors. Newport is where many of the cultural forces that shape Designers and their work, through the ages meet. Here they discuss great interiors, masterpieces of furniture and the great designers at the yearly, "Newport Symposium." The Preservation Society of Newport County and a list of prominent sponsors present the symposium. This years theme: Great Designers, A Colorful History of The Interior. The morning and afternoons are filled with tours and lectures in Newport's Historical Buildings. One can almost experience the feeling of the bygone era, as you embark on the adventure of refining and decorating for a discerning and wealthy clientele. "Don't Think To Much of Style," was presented Monday by Kit Wedd, of English Heritage, United Kingdom. Touring you discover Wall coverings, textiles, glassware, distinctive tile, fine China, and fine Furniture embarked in the history of Newport that is today popular in manufactured reproductions.

The thought of beach house decor on the grand interior scale, of a Newport Mansions is what put American Glamour on the International map. Tonight taste makers from around the world will dine at The Breakers, and discussing Duncan Phyfe, Dorthy Draper, Billy Baldwin, Josef Hoffman, Robert Adams, Alva Vanderbilt, Jules Allard and Sons of Paris, and William Morris to name just a few. All while over looking the Ocean Cliffs of Newport, in one of it's many Grand Mansions and dinning room. With this many visionaries dinning at The Breakers, I won't be the least bit surprised if the ghost of Alva Vanderbilt joins in.

*If your a Designer, Architecture, a Historian, or Student consider next years Newport Symposium.


cynthia - said...

GREAT SITE! Of course I am totally loving it all.

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