May 17, 2010

The Ultimate Beach House Antique Hunt

When it comes to achieving the look and feel of a beach house, nautical antiques are the ultimate Island touch.  Which is one of the thousands of reasons, my Chicago friend and I traveled to the famous Brimfield, MA Antique market.  With over 6,000 dealers, who pack more than 20 fields in the town of Brimfield, Massachusetts for nearly a mile, it is one of the most talked about Antique markets in the world. It all started in 1950 in one big field, we learned from Fred with the J&J Field (which Fred tells us was the original market). The town of Brimfield embraced the market Fred told us, "As they realized they could all make money selling parking spaces, leasing their fields." Now Brimfield Antique Market is three times a year, and had been running strong for over 50 years.

This is the treasure hunt of all antique markets!  "How much is it?" is the question we ask through out the day. A sign, "Prices Adjusted According To Attitude," gives my friend and I a good laugh (we are both former shop owner) as we know this to be so true!  Here, you can touch thing, see things, hold things, and learn from the Dealers the history of the antique's days gone by.  It is like a trip down memory lane, as all my experiences of growing up with my Mother, her Mother, and my Ancestors before them come waving through my visionary brain.  Robert, wades through Transferware, as I spot antique lobster traps, nautical sailing wheels, and glass buoys down the field. There are no ocean breezes here, but the history, the mystery, and the pleasures of finding nautical antiques is the ultimate treasure hunt, for any coastal living and beach house owner.  Two Designers walk through the fields, eating the best Kettle Corn we have ever had, and twitter away @NoirBlancDesign for all to sea. (wave) Everyone has a chance to find a treasure at Brimfield. Designer Rock Stars like, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ashwell (Shabby Chic), and Eddie Ross all know Brimfield is filled with enchanting pleasures and treasures for all to find and Sea.  So mark your calendar and make the trip, besides having loads of fun, this is shorely the ultimate beach house antique treasure hunt of all.

The Brimfield Antique Show runs May 11-16, July 13-18, and September 7-12. 


The Red Door Antiques said...

Thanks for posting the photos of my booth in Brimfield! Super Cool!

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