May 25, 2010

Follow The River And You Will Find The Sea

Beach French Country is always tres chic and elegant when living by the sea. The enchantment, romance, charm, and warmth of French Country has been a favorite of Aristocrats and Historians for Centuries. The charm of a Chateau along the water is a french proverb, "Follow the river and you will find the sea." Cadeaux pour la maison, of French Country and signature Provencal charm is a decor with a signature style. One can fill a room with a Normandy styled sofa, European St. Remy table, surrounded by Chaumont Chairs that grace the Louis XIV style Chairs covered with Toile. Beach French Country decor by the Sea becomes your Chateau.

A French Country Beach home is always one of life's favorite treasures and pleasures. Decor in a French beach house is often inspired by ones flea market finds in Paris, or Yachting vacation in the South of France where Provence style classics made of 100% French Cotton table linens are plentiful. Always of eloquent nature and style, the French will have a french style desk with clean lines and classic details accessorized with vintage frames for memories, love note, a letter or French inspired quotes.  The desk as part of your beach house decor, is a treasure by the Sea in your Country French beach home. This French Country Kitchen is designed by Julie Laughton Interiors, with it's french country charm one can only dream of cooking and living in a french country beach house. Play a little Edith Piaf's, French love song La Vie en Rose and your life will be but a dream.

Photo Credit: French Country Kitchen By Julie Laughton Interiors


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