Oct 1, 2010

A Fine Coastal Wine

Coastal living in the North East has a cool grape growing region with many wineries. In early fall, clusters of ripe grapes, dark and plump, hang from the vines. Soon they will be harvested to make wine. This fall Saturday afternoon, the celebration of the coming harvests has guests arriving and gathering for dinner in the vineyard. The coastal vineyard owner's estate looks out on to the water and the vineyard. As the guests stroll through the house and take in the dazzling decor. The question is always asked, "May they see the estate owners private wine cellar?" Yes, when one has a vineyard guests who are invited into the home, often go tracing through the house, like it is their own, looking for the wine cellar. So a well-designed cellar is not simply an indulgence—it's a necessity. "A wine cellar is an extension of its owner. With the increased importance of entertaining at home, a wine cellar can be as essential as a gourmet kitchen. And a well-designed cellar is important, since it safeguards what is often a substantial investment. With the topic being grapes, vintages, and the upcoming harvest while the guests stroll through the home, all eye's are dazzled in anticipation of the statement the wine cellar make. Although wine cellars ranked low in a survey of real estate amenities conducted by Century 21, I can assure you, they do have a strong appeal for the very affluent.

As the guests gather in the vineyard for dinner, opinions and irreverent humor spice freewheeling talk of real estate, art, politics, and sports as we drink wine and dine. Laughter of friendships linger way past the hours of the scarlet sunset and compliments are shared on my well designed dinning table. Yes, working in interior design, along the Coastal Wine Trails and vineyards, is another part of my passion of beach house decor. And perhaps I should mention, I am pretty good with a corkscrew!


Ronique Gibson said...

Love this post! Ahhh one day I will be vacationing in Napa and wine tasting! :)

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