Dec 9, 2010

That's One Thing You Really Need For Sure

It's Funny the one thing my homes have always had is a fully designed table setting. Perhaps it's all my years of working in the luxury gift industry and being around the fine luxury's of interior design. Or perhaps it's the fact that I inherited antique's from generations of women in my family. When the holidays arrive, it's time to bring out your tabletop and fine china and deck the table top!

And yes it comes from the love of entertaining and the art of living well. The holidays are a particularly good time of year to set and design your table with a holiday theme. Pull out your best crystal, place mats, napkins, candelabras, and china to show them off. Set a theme and keep it set. Dresses up your home with this simple, marvelous addition to your table or tables.

You will find looking at your beautifully decorated table will actually inspire you to entertain. I've been doing it for years! An invitation from friends to attend the nutcracker will easily turn into your reciprocating invitation of "How would you like to come for a light pre-ballet dinner?" As a cook, one gets a real joy out of friends saying "this is delicious."

During the Holidays a simple caviar and champagne table is elegant and a late night ambiance for special fun evening out.

Keep your beach house decor holiday festive and your tables set. With the holidays here a girl ought to have a sense of humor, that's one thing you really need for sure!


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