Jan 15, 2011

Miami Bathroom Design

Transforming beach house decor for a tropical Miami home in January is a tropical transformation of the senses. Miami bathroom design is inspired by soaking in the sun on the beach, beautiful tropical gardens, and ocean breezes. We were asked to transform a bathroom that would create a stunning first impression for our female clients guests when they visited her home for the first time. So we searched for a vanity that had a vibrant "cool" color like blue which helps you relax and chills you out. Image our delight when we discover the unusual bath vanities from Ypsilon, the Italian company that creates bath vanities with modern design and glamour. The vibrant color of Ypsilon doll collection was perfect for our beach house decor clients style. The use of blue and glass accent pieces and the blue color became the focal accent to the bathroom space. A splash of color and the perfect luxury for any guest in her Miami beach home.


Ron Ostlund Jr said...

Wow this is a stunning bathroom! Most impressive! I am now following your blog as well.

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