Feb 12, 2011

You Can't Go Wrong With The Color Of Love

February is simply a beautiful month for me. It comes all wrapped in a big blue box and tied with a big red bow. It is one of my favorite months for activities and fun. It's the month that often creates a dramatic and exciting set of opportunities for the year ahead. It's a time for taking the first steps, large or small, that your heart yearns to do or accomplish. From creating small rooms in red, to adding decorative accessories of red to your beach house decor, to spreading love to a number of people in your life every day. It's also a time to put yourself first. I love the vibrations of February. I've spent the month decorating a small room in red, to riding high in red Gondola's, mixed with fashions at New York Fashion week. This is the month, to turn up the heat with red.


Jacqueline @ The Pink Chandelier said...

Hi Barbara!
What a lovely collection of red rooms! I especially love the one with the orchids in the foreground. Thanks so much for the LA recommendations - the Viceroy was a highlight! Hope to meet you next year at the Design Blogger's Conference, or sooner!

Interior Design Christchurch said...

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