Mar 10, 2011

A North Shore Beach Apartment To Rise And Shine Too

When a East Lake Shore Drive client called to requested an interior job for her, North Western University daughters apartment, we said, sorry we don't do apartments. The client politely reminded us that Noir Blanc Interiors had indeed designed her 5000 sq. ft. apartment.  The client had us, as yes we certainly had spent two years working with her on the interior design of her Chicago high rise apartment.  Then she gently suggested, that she would throw in two tickets to The Chicago Lyric Opera and  pick us up in the family private jet.  Several weeks later, Noir Blanc Interiors spent three day's in Chicago, transforming a small 1930 walk up apartment facing the lake, into a cozy, color full, and fun space, that was to every one's delight.  
Keeping in mind that the daughter loved to travel, mixing old with new,  we transformed the small vintage apartment into the ultimate chic and cozy beach decor.  Now our clients, daughter had a place to rise and shine to that was chic and fun, just steps away from the city's north shore beach.  If we do say so our selves, we left the snow and the cold of Chicago on a high note.  


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