Apr 30, 2011

Tropical Blue Mischief

Grand coastal estates, with beachfront acreage come to mind when we hear the word Newport, Rhode Island.  But the city has a simpler side, one that's about the laid back pleasures of the soothing effects of the sea.  The interior design scheme of a Newport Coastal home establishes a coastal serene feel of the sea, dark against light, pattern versus color, that personalize the home's style and personalizes it.  This is what our Newport client, was after when they asked our firm, Noir Blanc Interiors, to streamline details and unfuss their new summer home to a coastal house, different then their New York apartment city environment.  Removing the formality from the New England Coastal home was the main goal of this project.  Through out the house, French doors let in an abundant light and ocean air.  And it's not unusual for guests to show up for the weekend and stay for or a week or two.  Outdoor rooms are being designed like indoor ones, with several vendor ordered furniture pieces ordered during a recent trip to highpoint, North Carolina. This coastal home's beach house decor is elegant, old and new, sophisticated and laid back.  The owners point of beach living is to celebrate the outdoors, with a happy place where natural beauty and indoor comforts collide.

Blue is the main color in this coastal New England Ocean home. We hardly used it at all, as when you look out from any room,you see the sea.  It's like a giant blue painting in every room.  So Noir Blanc Interiors, incorporating beach house decor with three motifs for a balanced and smart look: textured fabrics, chalky matte finishes, and transparent glass vases.  Sourcing handmade, antique chandeliers mixed with slip covered furniture pieces to give the home that added touch of warmth and soul.  Our goal is to create a feel of easy fanciness that perfect for this families, coastal living home.


Anonymous said...

I loved visiting their as a child...thanks for posting.


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