Jan 2, 2012

Why Knot Hire Noir Blanc Interiors In 2012

Starting off a new year, one often reflects on their experiences and life.  When I look back on my own personal life, I have owned many beach homes starting with my first condo in Gulf Breeze, Florida transcending to a home on Malibu Lake in California, where I decorated with one of a kind artists pieces I selected at High Point and various furniture and gift I frequented while working in publishing. Years later, I moved to a ocean front home in LaJolla, CA where I spent one year renovating the kitchen, bathrooms and decorating with fine antiques and beach house decor.  With a showroom to the trade in Chicago, I also found myself selling my lovely Victorian home in the Old Town area of Chicago. I then went to work designing a total build out of a 4,500sq ft. apartment that faced Oak Street Beach on East Lake Shore Drive. This was sophisticated historical property and the interior design and decor was refined, urban, coastal living.  Next, newly married, I was living in beautiful grand water front home in Annapolis mixed with a second home in Fort Lauderdale off Los Olas where the decor was Tommy Bahama style.  Newly divorced,  I moved into a high rise with a marina at Harbor-view in Baltimore, MD there I used deco inspired Barbara Barry, Baker as the mood for my water view high rise decor.  My design work had me traveling, and soon I was moving to Marina del Rey, CA where I moved into a high rise with floor to ceiling ocean and mountains views. Know one would leave once they saw the view.  With a tennis club, yachting and a beach right on the premises, the chosen beach house decor was a white shabby chic style sofa and simple minimalist beach house decor. Granted, this was the shabby chic era of design and California.  As my career evolved, so did my own personal knowledge of  design and living on the water.  I found myself working abroad buying, designing, and working with large yacht companies.     

As the President of Noir Blanc Interiors, when I meet a client, my passion, and expertise of over twenty years of business shines like a vibrant violent light as an interior designer who loves living at the beach and understand the lifestyle of designing the right interior for your beach house decor. Our professional team at Noir Blanc Interiors, has exciting 2012 projects in the works with our clients.  If your interested in interior design or renovation, we'd love to meet with you.  Happy New Year! 


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