Mar 27, 2012

F@ck Yea I'm A Blogger

I've been a blogger for a very long time.  And darn if  I have not gotten behind with my musing of beach life and beach house decor.  Is there a punishment for not blogging?  Well, darn if there isn't's called missing out on some fantastic blogger opportunities!  When you don't find me here at beach house decor,  I'm still blogging and then some every week at Interior Designer Chat, where I spend a good part of my week planning and working with a global audience of Interior Designers, Architects, Artists, Kitchen and Bath pro's, and home decor professionals on twitter.  Yes, that's right Twitter.  Should I mention that I love tumbling, Tweeting as @NoirBlancDesign, and Pinterest which may or may not have caused the wave in blogging time spent here with you beach house decor readers.

This month, I travel to the Architectural Digest Show, where in March the temperature soared to a record breaking 90 and I spent hours speaking with CEO and Brand Executives who are just getting versed in Social Media and Corporate blogging.  At the same show, I met an entire group of designer who were flown into New York City for a blog tour sponsored by brands within the design industry.  We met at the show for a tweeted up of meeting in real life for bloody Marys.  And dear readers... yes, there's a new breed in our industry, writing about design daily.  Today, when you ask the age old question, "What do you do for a living?"  With a real attitude you can hear, "I'm a blogger."  There are now famous bloggers who are exceptional, and have taken their writing skills to the next level, of writing books.  There can even be the attitude with a capital f@ck yea, I'm a blogger!!!   

First and foremost  I'm an entrepreneur business women, a Designer you can read more about, in my interview with Brabantia this month. My life is filled with clients, meetings, a public relation business, and one that seems over booked with volunteer time.  Which brings me back to Twitter and The New York City bloggers.  For over a year,  I had been tweeting a London Interior Designer, Andrew Dunning, who also joined in the volunteer efforts of #IntDesignerChat by being our London Ambassador. Andrew and I met on twitter with a few mutual tweets of admiration for Poole England, the head quarters of  Sunseeker Motor Yachts.  It was so very real and so cool, to meet a twitter friend with common interests of design, yachting life, fine taste, and beach life in real life in New York City Ad Show.  Serendipity to this post, is Andrew is also a design blogger who introduced me to Brabantia products as a guest blogger. 

I often go to industry trade shows to shop and stay informed and find new clients.  I'm a social creature who loves a good event or party. I've been in the press room as for longer then most bloggers..can state their birthdays.  Not my LinkedIn states past Ad Director, PR firm Principle, and online editor. The new "it" word is blogger and it's now carte blanche to the press rooms, parties, and grand affairs. Personally, I'm not sure I agree with all bloggers having press qualification.  Indeed, I'm old enough to be opinionated.  And have a keen sense of what happening and what manufacturers, vendors and brands should understand in today's social media world. I shared this in an interviewed:  12 Most Engaging Reasons Why Brands Need to Embrace Social Media Now conducted by Caroline Di Diego (CASUDI)  a multi-faceted entrepreneur with two parallel careers. In the one she focuses on Architectural Design solutions and the other (where most of you know her) she helps start ups amp up their early-stage businesses.  

So am I a blogger?  F@ck yea I'm a blogger.  The opportunities and the experiences one has from blogging can be read about everywhere.  Are you a blogger? I'd love to hear your comments on how and why you find blogging valuable. 


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